CD20 – Symptom spotting (aka crazy ttc lady!)

I promised myself I wouldn’t do this, I really, truly thought I wouldn’t, but here I am at 4dp3dt analysing twinges, discharge and boobies! so let’s talk progesterone support…I’m on utrogestan which is actually a lot nicer then others (from what I’ve heard). It’s a capsule that looks a lot like the red ‘act fast’ … More CD20 – Symptom spotting (aka crazy ttc lady!)

CD17 – Hope

I can be a little superstitious but even if you’re not hear me out… so today, when I left work, I saw two magpies – two for joy, yay! Then I realised after thinking this that there was a third magpie there so it was actually three, for a girl! At this point I did put … More CD17 – Hope