Our FET cycle TWW

I’m trying to figure out the best way to document our experience, currently I’m loving Instagram, being active on the message board and also keeping a paper journal so I wondered whether I should continue with this blog. I’ve decided to keep going because there may be someone out there who finds it and is helped by it.

Our day 3, grade 1 8-cell embryo was thawed on 10/8/17 (our day 3 based on our notional “day zero”). Thankfully icicle thawed successfully and the embryologist described him/her as a perfect, strong and beautiful embryo! When we got to the clinic for ET on 12/8/17 we were thrilled to discover icicle had grown into a 5BA blastocyst and still looked perfect, beautiful and strong! 🙂

ET was actually completely unremarkable and fell on a weekend packed with socialising which wasn’t ideal but we went with it! To be honest all the way through the tww it’s been business as usual!

At 2dp5dt I had some slight stabbing pains in my abdomen, by 3dp it had changed to a painful stitch which then became a constant ‘attaching’ sensation on 4dp. At this point I also felt overwhelming that it had worked. DW wanted to test at 5dp5dt but I said we would hold out until 6dp. I’m so glad I did because at 5dp I woke up without any sensations at all and was utterly sure it hadn’t worked.

We eventually caved and tested with an internet cheapie on 7dp5dt, and were shocked to get a faint positive! We were then so excited to get up the next day and do another test from the exact same packet, thinking it would be darker and show progression. All I can say is NEVER ever do this. Different days, different strength FMU, the possibility that the same batch of tests have different sensitivities etc etc all mean that comparing tests is more heartache than it’s worth.

As you can probably guess our 8dp test was fainter than the 7dp one, and we tortured ourselves over this – so much so that we went out and bought FRER (first response early response) if you plan on testing early only ever buy this brand, or better yet don’t test early! (I know I can’t talk but I still feel like I should warn you!)

OTD was 9dp5dt, what I hadn’t appreciated is that it was only this date as my clinic does beta bloods and they would only reccomend a hpt at 11dp5dt or later! On OTD the internet cheapie was even fainter but the FRER (done using the same FMU) showed a good line.

We had beta bloods at 9am and had an agonising few hours until the clinic called at 3:05pm. We needed to get a hcg reading of 50 or more to be pregnant, we got……141.2! Eeeeeek! We are so over the moon and even the nurse said it was a high reading. Yay, go icicle!

Now we’re on a different wait, counting down the days to our early scan on 7 sept and keeping our fingers crossed that all goes well. It’s strange because we find it so hard to believe that this is our time and we’ve been lucky enough to get a BFP.

My persistent symptoms all the way through the tww were: being very thirsty, peeing all the time (maybe due to all the water!), slightly full boobs, a very sensitive sense of smell and feeling tired later in the evening (very unlike me). Other symptoms near the beginning were the pains I’ve described above between 2-4dp which I’m guessing were implantation (although I never had a bleed). Later symptoms were a burrowing sensation around 8/9dp which I described to my wife as being like an octopus is in there burrowing its tentacles into me. Sounds crazy but there’s no other way to describe it, thankfully it wasn’t painful!

On OTD I noticed my cervix felt a lot lower. Sadly I noticed this as I was inserting progesterone and hit it with the applicator. As I pulled the applicator out there was some fresh, red blood on it. I also had a little more come out on the way to the clinic but it was a very small amount and old/stopped by the time we got there. The nurse said it was probably just due to hitting my cervix with the applicator. I am now being more gentle with it. For anyone who can put them in the back (mine are front only) I would suggest that for piece of mind!

Today, at 4w1d, I have developed a horrible taste in my mouth and also seemed to have lost my appetite. My stomach looks a little swollen (but that may be the wonderful progesterone) and feels quite hard/full to touch. My boobs are also looking, and feeling, very full! Nothing else to report on the symptoms front.

I’m trying to be positive and embrace this pregnancy. I did splurge on the mothercare website with some baby items and maternity wear! Luckily my wife is being awesome and indulging my whims whilst being very overprotective but in a lovely way! ☺️

That brings you completely up to date, I’m off to look at pregnancy books now!

Maybe Mummy xx




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