Embryo transfer eve!

Our cycle has gone amazingly well so far, everything just feels so positive!

The CD8 scan was fine, lining great – triple lined and 7mm and lead follicle at 14mm. We started ovulation sticks morning and night which showed…..nada! We went back to the clinic for a scan on CD11, lead follicle was 17mm and lining up to 8.6mm. As this was a Friday and the clinic were worried about missing the surge we were told to trigger. We triggered at 7:30pm on CD12 which meant CD14 was ‘day zero’ or EC if it had been a fresh cycle.

It’s amazing how different it feels doing a frozen cycle compared to fresh. At this point in a fresh cycle my body felt so battered and bruised – all the blood tests, stims and EC itself – ouch!

Our day 3 embryo was due to be thawed on CD16 which was day 3 following ‘day zero’. We had an anxious wait until we got the call from the embryologist to say the thaw was successful. Not only that but the embryologist described our little icicle as a perfect, beautiful and strong embryo! I was such a proud momma hearing that 💗

Tomorrow is CD18 / day 5 and transfer day. A bonus of triggering for this FET is that it meant ET will be on a Saturday which is amazing and means we don’t need to take any time off work. We’ll find out if icicle is still growing when we get there 🍀 And we’ll be having transfer at 12:30. Thinking lots of positive thoughts!


Maybe Mummy xx


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