Cycle 3 is go!

woohoo! The scan showed no sign of the cyst and the lady scanning wasn’t even sure it was a cyst as it seemed to have been ‘functioning’. I’m not entirely sure what she meant by that as she didn’t seem to understand my questions. I think it means that it could have just been another follicle after all (which is what they thought it originally was).

I asked about the medication and we’ve decided to try unmedicated this time round as previous linings have all been fine. Also I’m hoping that we have a good thaw rate which means we will have a few opportunities from our 8 icicles.

Currently CD5, we have a scan on CD8 then will be testing with the sticks. The plan is to wait for until we test positive for a natural surge in the cycle then, potentially trigger, set day zero and thaw our 3 day embie to culture to blast and transfer.

I was quite surprised that if this cycle doesn’t work then next time they would still only allow one to be put back. They did say this was due to age, embryo quality and the higher chance that blasts will split into twins anyway so it does makes sense. The next cycle would be medicated though as they don’t like to try too often without it if its unsuccessful.

Theres not really an awful lot to update otherwise. I’m still taking my vitamins, trying to eat better and have pretty much given up alcohol. It feels weird to not be doing more – injections, scans etc. – but really nice to know there’s no egg collection at the end of this process. Here’s hoping that there is a baby at the end 🍀

Maybe Mummy xx



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