Cycle 3 – maybe….

… It is with caution that I say welcome to cycle 3! Once we had thoroughly enjoyed the honeymoon period and waited the required amount of time for the zika risk to pass (8 weeks for ladies, 6 months for guys!!) then our thoughts inevitably turned to our snowbabies. We went for a pre-cycle scan to find…..another ovarian cyst! Such rotten luck for it to happen again! 🙄

The clinic sent us away and said to return for a CD2 scan and if the cyst has collapsed with the lining then we’ll be able to plan for a frozen transfer this cycle. If not, then I’ll be given tablets to make it collapse!

One thing I am quite surprised at is that the frozen transfer is going to be a medicated transfer. It’s only progynova tablets to build the lining but I have literally never had an issue with lining – it’s always been mega-thick and triple striped, ready to make a baby! I definitely need to check whether it’s correct that I’m medicated.

I also had to have my thyroid functioning retested which I had done today, so fingers crossed its all good!

One thing I recently discovered needs checking with the clinic is the storage/consent period for the sperm. It can only be stored for up to 10 years in the UK anyway but some donors consent to less and the time runs from consent/collection rather than allocation so it’s possible it already had a few years expired before we got it. I think there are still 2/3 frozen straws reserved for us, along with our snowbabies.

And that brings you bang up to date. Well almost, so AF is here (Tues 25/7) which means that CD2 and the scan is Wednesday 26 July! Eeeek! Think of us tomorrow morning and keep your fingers crossed!

Maybe Mummy xx


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