Cycle 2 – Summary

ok, so I was a big fat liar in my last post. I never did keep you updated which was really poor of me and I’m sorry!

I’m going to summarise cycle 2 because, well there’s a lot to catch up on and this time I do intend to keep you up to speed!

Cycle 2 comprised of Gonal F 125iu stims from day 2 accompanied by Luveris and Cetrotide from day 5/6 (I’ll check this!). Unbeknown to me from the first stim scan and bloods the clinic thought I was heading fir a freeze all. This became more apparent as the cycle went on and by the last scan I felt all of the symptoms of OHSS. It was not a nice experience and whilst I was annoyed that I hadn’t been in the loop about the freeze all being suspected I was almost relieved when the choice was taken out of my hands.

We got a bumper crop of 26 eggs at EC, had 15 mature and 10 fertilise with ICSI. A top quality, grade 1, 8-cell embryo was frozen on day 3 then a further 7 embryos were frozen as day 5 and day 6 blastocysts. All with good to very good gradings. So I am pleased to say we have EIGHT snowbabies waiting for us.

There was a chance we would transfer in March/April but otherwise it was going to be on hold until after the wedding. As it happened some very close friends of ours lost their baby late into pregnancy and it made us too nervous to try before the wedding.

We got married in May, it was the most amazingly perfect day and I love just thinking about it! My wife and I honeymooned in Cuba and then Glastonbury festival and basically enjoyed life and the honeymoon period to the max!

That’s pretty much where I’m going to leave this. Stay tuned for cycle 3!

Maybe Mummy x





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