Cycle 2 – start to CD9

Yes, you read that title correctly, CD9! I know, I know, I’ve been terrible! I have no good reason and can only apologise. I actually love this blog, love getting my thoughts and feelings into some tangible form and just putting them out there for the world to see. Or not as the case may be!

So, I think the lack of posting is twofold, or maybe threefold. Firstly, this cycle was a bit (it will all become clear why). Secondly, I have been really busy with work, life and cycling (here’s me thinking January/February would be a nice quiet time to do it!) Thirdly, I think this blog brings back all the memories of cycle 1 and how much of a failure it was.

I’m now in a good place about cycle 1. It taught me a lot about my own capabilities and resilience. Plus, hopefully, it has helped make cycle 2 even better!

Right, let’s get you up to speed. Cycle 1 failed to give us a BFP or Frosties and, well, life went on. I went out and drank lots, lived life, tracked periods, applied for some jobs, enjoyed Christmas & New Year and regrouped for cycle 2. It wasn’t all boozy nights out, in fact I stopped them in October/November and drank very little in December – work Christmas night out and 2 G&Ts plus a glass of champs on New Years Eve was pretty much the extent of my December drinking! I also started on prenatal vitamins and CoQ10 every night.

My fellow MaybeMammy and I got engaged during cycle 1, didn’t really do much else with it and then set a date over the festive period – for this year. Yes, that’s right….THIS YEAR! We must be mad! But it has been fun wedding planning πŸ™‚

Eventually our thoughts turned to cycle 2. Particularly as a few more of our friends announced pregnancies. Although they all had their own stories/trials and tribulations, I still felt a little pang of sadness with each announcement. We decided to try cycle 2 sooner rather than later and agreed we would try in January/February but wouldn’t be able to from March until summer due to various family commitments and weddings.

December/January’s cycle landed at completely the wrong point to try (due to clinic closure over Christmas/New Year) but did come a few days early which meant January/February’s cycle looked good.

We spoke to the clinic and booked a pre-IVF scan for CD29 (my ‘normal’ cycle length is 31 days) as we were away before then. Scan day came and well, slightly disastrous. So…lining was good, right thickness, triple lined etc. The polyps/fibroids had gone from my uterus and the cyst that was on my left ovary throughout the whole of the last cycle was also gone. Plus my AFC was still really good and high. As it was such a late day in my cycle corpus luteum was present showing that I ovulated.

So far, so good…but the right ovary had a cyst – boo! And a follicle about to ovulate, on day 29, when I’d already ovulated in the cycle!? Apparently it’s fairly common to ovulate twice in a cycle – who knew!? The cyst was potentially going to put a halt on the cycle though so I had to go in for a CD2 scan to find out whether we could cycle or not.

This cycle lasted a mammoth 34 days(!) then I went in for the day 2 scan. To my surprise the follicle had indeed ovulated and, as a bonus, collapsed the cyst when it went! So it meant we were able to start stims for cycle 2 that night! That is how last minute this cycle was!

CD2 – 6 was 125iu of Gonal F. We got given the automatic pen this time which was a real bonus, so much easier than the single syringe multi dose pack! First stim scan was CD6 and showed a fair amount of follicles varying from less than 6mm up to 10mm. From CD6 onwards we had to introduce Luveris AND Cetrotide to the nightly injections πŸ˜₯.

Typically CD6 was the first night I was out and about at injection time. We went to the political protest at Downing Street to voice our opinion on Trump’s Muslim ban. There was over 10,000 people there so it was a pretty big thing to be a part of. It was also how I found myself in a Wetherspoon pub’s disabled toilet, frantically mixing the Luveris drugs and doing two injections in there before tidying away the evidence into my sharps box. I swear I felt like a junkie and had a racing heart in case I was ‘caught in the act!’ To make matters worse I then had do the Cetrotide injection in a different’ pubs disabled toilet an hour later! Although actually the worse thing about this whole experience was being in a bar that had a fab gin selection, with one of my gin-drinking buddies and not being able to touch a drop! I am pretty thankful for the ‘Dry January’ excuse though!

CD7 saw me reprising the ‘junkie in a disabled toilet’ routine except this time I was in the Houses of Parliament. Yes, you read that right. Explaining that one to the security people at the X-ray machine was interesting. (They were really lovely and one guy even wished me good luck! πŸ’—)

CD8 and 9 have found me at home for injection time which is nice. I’m trying to get as much protein, water and avocado down me as I can. I have an ‘at home’ water bottle as well as an ‘at work’ one! I also started taking an aspirin at day from the start of stims. No alcohol at all and lots of positive thoughts. Definitely feel like I’m giving cycle 2 my all!

I think that brings you squarely up to date. I’m bloated, windy, emotional, scared/excited for tomorrow’s scan and – TMI – have the worse EWCM in the world. Clearly my body is rarely to ovulate and the drugs are like woah there! πŸ˜„

So that’s it, I promise to bring you along for the ride and update properly going forward. Wish me luck for tomorrow! πŸ€

Maybe Mummy xx


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