CD20 – Symptom spotting (aka crazy ttc lady!)

I promised myself I wouldn’t do this, I really, truly thought I wouldn’t, but here I am at 4dp3dt analysing twinges, discharge and boobies!

so let’s talk progesterone support…I’m on utrogestan which is actually a lot nicer then others (from what I’ve heard). It’s a capsule that looks a lot like the red ‘act fast’ nurofen ones but is white. Same size and waxy coating though. It’s 200mg and the does is three times a day. I’m doing pretty well at spacing them 8 hours apart, although it’s odd to take my bag/smuggle it in my pocket to the toilet at work for the afternoon one as I actually use a mooncup so don’t normally take anything in! My biggest bugbear with this is that each tablet is inserted using a disposable plastic tool. It’s so unfriendly to the environment.

The other progesterone issues in my life right now are 1) I only had enough to take me to the morning of OTD and the blood test, but then dropped one down the loo so now I only have enough until the night before 😐 and 2) they are giving me bad wind, as well as potentially being responsible for other symptoms.

That brings me nicely onto symptoms. Today has been the first day I’ve really noticed any, but that could be because I have a timeline which says that nothing implantation wise should be happening until today and so I wasn’t aware before now.

Symptom 1 – twinges/cramping on my right side of my uterus, not over dissimilar to period pain and nowhere near as sharp as my post-EC ovary pain.

Symptom 2 – (TMI – sorry!) small amount of brown discharge on panty liner and small brown blob on afternoon utrogestan applicator.

Symptom 3 – heavy boobs, presumably due to the progesterone, but also very itchy nipples – especially the right one.

So there we go, it could be something, it could be nothing. Who knows!? This two week wait has certainly showing me that I’m not great at being ‘in limbo’ I can take a BFN in my stride just as well as a BFP but not knowing is pretty much driving me insane.

Must go and work on DP to convince her that we should test earlier than next Saturday, I’m thinking maybe tomorrow…and then every day so that we can compare the lines! 😉

Maybe Mummy xx


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