CD17 – Hope

I can be a little superstitious but even if you’re not hear me out…

so today, when I left work, I saw two magpies – two for joy, yay! Then I realised after thinking this that there was a third magpie there so it was actually three, for a girl! At this point I did put my hand on my abdomen and have a wry smile. Then a few steps later one of those ‘fairy’ blossom seeds blew by which made me think of a very dear friend who died a few years ago (and who I always said I would name a daughter after). A couple of minutes later I was practically slapped around the face by a white feather that came out of nowhere. White feathers are supposed to be angels sending messages to earth.

By now I was feeling a bit like there were too many signs going on. I rounded the corner to my house and there was a women I’ve never seen before with a Schnauzer dog. My friend absolutely loved dogs, especially Schnauzers!

I am now officially on cloud 9 feeling like these are the best signs I could ever have! The only other thing I have is sore, swollen boobies which is definitely the progesterone! Haha!

Maybe Mummy x


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