CD16 – Embryo Transfer (03.08.16)

Exciting times! We went eagerly to the clinic to have our embryo(s) transferred. Due to their spectacular lack of communication we had no idea what state our embryo(s) were at or how many would be transferred. Worst case scenario would have been for all 3 to have stopped developing, best case scenario would have been to have 3 great embryos. In the end we had something towards the lower end of ok.

In a way I had been dreading ET due to needing a full bladder for it. Two facts about me – 1) I have a bladder the size of a grape, and 2) water passes through me in about 3.6 seconds. Needless to say I laughed at the information sheet which recommended drinking a litre of water an hour before the appointment. In the end I drank about 350ml 30 minutes before it and still almost had to empty my bladder as it was so full!

Bladder aside my other worry was the awkwardness of being ‘positioned’ for ET. I explained it to my girlfriend as follows: “It’s sort of like when you’re getting onto a roller coaster at Alton Towers and the assistants are getting your legs and feet secured into the right positions and parts, except with a lot less clothes and way less dignity!” It’s surprising how quickly you stop caring about who sees your bits!

I got gowned up, both of us put on the hairnet and booties then the embryologist came to update us on our embies. We were only getting one transferred back which I think is mostly due to my age and partly to do with the quality of the other two. The one to transfer was a grade 2, 5 cell, 3 day embryo. The other two were the same age but both a grade lower (grade 3) with one at 6 cells and a slow one at 4 cells. They said the other two will be cultured to day 6 and frozen if good enough but to be honest we’re not expecting to have any frozen embryos from this round.

The transfer itself was pretty cool and surprisingly quick, even with my awkward retroverted uterus! The scanning machine meant we could see the whole process take place and afterwards we got photos. The three pictures show the catheter in place then the embryo at the end of it about to shoot out and then a lovely photo of the embryo bobbing around in utero! We both sat there in awe and then spent the whole journey home looking at the photos.

So that’s it, we’re PUPO! We have bloods booked in for OTD on 14.08.16 but will probably pee on a stick on the 13th. Wish us luck!

Maybe Mummy x



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