CD15 – Mostly worrying…

The clinic have been spectacularly poor at keeping us informed.

I have no idea if it was possible to grade the embryos yesterday because they didn’t tell me. I’ve chased them today for a progress update and had diddly-squat back. No idea how many are still going, how good they look, how many we can/should transfer and whether there’s likely to be anything to freeze. The lack of knowledge and control is driving me crazy!

In other news I keep veering from being really positive about our three embryos to already writing this cycle off and preparing for round 2! Really wish I had a crystal ball.

The progesterone is bloating me and making me very spaced out/forgetful. Very unlike me!

I’m going to catch some Zzzzs for tomorrow. ET is at 2pm!

Maybe Mummy xx


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