CD14 – Fertilisation? (01.08.16)

After an anxious night I went to work and waited for news of our eggs. As a side note, even with a relatively easy desk job working the day after EC is not the easiest thing in the world. Your insides are sore, walking is done gingerly and typing/writing with the hand the cannula was in was painful!

So had our eggs and donor sperm got it on in the love lab? It actually took a long time to find out. The call that I had been told to expect between 9am and 12 was left as a ‘call me back’ voicemail at 8:55am, cue LOTS of telephone cat and mouse. I left a message for them, they miss called me, I was on hold forever then disconnected and so on. By the end I was sick of waiting for them to call back (2 hours and counting after being told they were emailing the relevant person) and called them.

The end result was that 6 of our 9 eggs were mature and 3 of those 6 fertilised. To say I’m disappointed is a complete understatement. I wish I’d insisted on stimming longer and asked for the Gonal F to be raised higher than it was. On the one hand those 3 embryos could potentially become 3 babies but on the other hand we could be left with nothing to show for them. It’s so difficult dealing with all the conflicting emotions!

We’re booked in for a day 3 embryo transfer. I have no idea whether there will be 1 or 2 transferred, the quality of them at the moment or whether we’re likely to have anything to freeze. Hopefully we’ll find out more over the next couple of days. Come on embies, be strong!!

Maybe Mummy xx


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