CD13 – Egg Collection (31.07.16)

Bags packed, showered, dressed and last fluids consumed. We set off at 8:45am, stopping en route for diesel, and arrived into London in good time. One double espresso (my fiancée) and one wee (me) later we approached the clinic full of nervous excitement. After a short wait we were taken down to the pre-theatre area, had a few questions asked, blood pressure and oxygen taken and sexy(!) gown donned.

I was taken down to the theatre and popped up on the bed in leg stirrups, complete with Velcro straps! 🙂 The anaesthetist put an oxygen mask on my face, blood pressure cuff on my arm and a cannula in the back of my hand. Two anti-sickness shots and a large dose of sedative was injected through the cannula and I was away with the fairies! Thankfully I was completely asleep for it as the thought of being ‘awake but out of it’ did not appeal to me!

I was wheeled around to recovery and reunited with my worried fiancée. After an hours nap I had a couple of cups of water, a banana and a pecan plait (the pastry of champions!). I wasn’t feeling too bad but they do put an antibiotic and a painkilling suppository in whilst in theatre so I could probably vouch for their effectiveness! The main thing I wanted to know was how many eggs they collected.

Well reader, I got 9 eggs. I know that it only takes one, quality over quantity etc etc but I can’t help but feel disappointed. Even more so when I think about all the follicles that were doing well but weren’t quite ready. Weirdly we got more eggs off the lazy right ovary than the crazy overworking left one! I can’t help but feel that had the clinic being less cautious about the OHSS risk (especially as my bloods were all fine) and stimmed me more aggressively or for a couple more days then we could have got a good 5/6 more. Oh well, lessons learned in case we need a next time.

Thankfully the donor sperm thawed well so that was one less thing to worry about.

Now back home and I have had my first of three antibiotics and the first of the delightful progesterone pills (in the front bum! :D). All we can do is wait for the telephone call tomorrow to tell us how many have fertilised. Wish us luck!

Come on eggs and sperm, do your thing in the lab of love!!

Maybe Mummy xx


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