Our FET cycle TWW

I’m trying to figure out the best way to document our experience, currently I’m loving Instagram, being active on the message board and also keeping a paper journal so I wondered whether I should continue with this blog. I’ve decided to keep going because there may be someone out there who finds it and is … More Our FET cycle TWW

Embryo transfer eve!

Our cycle has gone amazingly well so far, everything just feels so positive! The CD8 scan was fine, lining great – triple lined and 7mm and lead follicle at 14mm. We started ovulation sticks morning and night which showed…..nada! We went back to the clinic for a scan on CD11, lead follicle was 17mm and … More Embryo transfer eve!

Cycle 3 is go!

woohoo! The scan showed no sign of the cyst and the lady scanning wasn’t even sure it was a cyst as it seemed to have been ‘functioning’. I’m not entirely sure what she meant by that as she didn’t seem to understand my questions. I think it means that it could have just been another … More Cycle 3 is go!


OTD was CD27 which I found a little weird as I normally have 30 day+ cycles. It was only 11dp3dt but our clinic does beta bloods so it’s a really accurate result. I spoke to the clinic the day before to let them know about the bleeding and find out what to do. They said … More OTD…